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Frequently Asked Questions

Ben"I have just had a son, does Dr Henry perform circumcisions"

Dr Henry is happy to perform circumcisions, however it is his policy to do them in a hospital under a general anaesthetic after the child is 6 months old. Dr Henry does not do newborn circumcisions.

"Why do I need a referral from another doctor to see Dr Henry?" Or "My referral has run out, why do I need another one?"

It is a Medicare ruling that in order to claim the rebate for a specialist consultation then the patient must be referred by another doctor. A referral from a GP will last 12 months however a referral from another specialist will last only 3 months.

"What is the difference between being a public patient and a private patient?"

Should you elect to be admitted as a public patient in a Public hospital, you are not guaranteed that Dr Henry will perform the surgery, usually it will be performed by a trainee surgeon. There will be no costs involved if you choose this option.

Admission as a Private patient guarantees that Dr Henry will perform the surgery regardless of whether you are treated in a Public or a Private hospital. If you opt to be a private patient you will receive an estimation of fees for the surgery.

"My child has had surgery last week when can he resume normal activities including swimming"

Resuming normal activities including swimming will depend on the surgery performed. Please refer to the post-operative care information given to you after your child's surgery.

"My son has been circumcised a few days ago and I'm worried about how it looks"

The head of the penis takes several days to heal. Redness, a whiteish scab and clear oozing are all normal and will take about a week to start looking better. Please refer to the post-operative care information given to you after your child's surgery.

"I have posted my booking form to the hospital but haven't heard anything - what should I do?"

If you are going into a private hospital you will not hear anything until the last working day before your child's surgery when you will be called and given a fasting and arrival time. If you are going into a public hospital you should get a letter from them advising of their procedures.

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