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Care Following Removal of Skin Lesion or Lump

Discharge from hospital:

The operation is a day only procedure: therefore your child will usually be discharged the same day following the surgery.


Once your child is fully awake after his procedure he will be offered clear fluids and if this is tolerated he/she can then progress to a normal diet. Infants can resume breast feeding or formula once they have tolerated water.

Pain relief:

Your child will have some local anaesthetic placed in the wound in the theatre that usually lasts for 8 - 10 hours. After this paracetamol is the drug of choice if pain relief is required. The nurse can advise you of the dosage before you leave the hospital. For older children Painstop may be useful; the anaesthetist will advise you of this on the day.

NOTE: Do not use Aspirin or Disprin as this may promote bleeding

Wound care:

  • The wound is sutured with stitches which are under the surface. The wound will have Steri-strips over it, which will come off by themselves in one or two weeks. If the wound is on the face it would be beneficial to keep the Steri-strips on till the scar is more mature.
  • Sometimes the sutures will need to be removed and Dr Henry will advise if this is necessary.
  • There may be some bruising or local swelling. The wound will go hard in the next few weeks as it heals.
  • Bathing may commence 4 days after surgery. Do not soak the wound. Dry the wound gently but well.



Vomiting post anaesthetic may occur and it is best to give nothing for an hour and then only offer water or clear fluids in small amounts until the vomiting / nausea have stopped.

You should contact Dr Henry's rooms or the hospital if the following occurs:

  • Your child develops a temperature above 38℃
  • Pain is not relieved by the recommended dose of paracetamol
  • Your child's wound is hot, red and angry looking or if it is gaping, discharging or bleeding


Back to school:

Keep your child home for 2 or 3 days. If your child has no discomfort then school can be commenced 3 days after the operation. Swimming can commence 10 days after the operation.

Follow up appointment:

Please call Dr Henry's rooms on 9650-4422 when you get home to book your post-operative appointment. This is usually 4 weeks after surgery but if you have any concerns before this please call.

Should a medical certificate be required please contact us and one can be provided.

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