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Financial Information

Consultation Fees:

Dr Henry's consultation fees are based upon Australian Medical Association guidelines. These fees reflect the changes in CPI since Medicare began. A portion of Dr Henry's consultation fee can only be claimed back from Medicare.

Public vs Private:

Dr Henry cares for both private and public patients.

Public Patients
Should you elect to be admitted as a public patient in a public hospital you are not guaranteed that Dr Henry will perform the surgery, it may be performed by a trainee surgeon (registrar). There will be no cost involved if you choose this option.

Private Patients
Admission as a private patient guarantees that Dr Henry will perform the surgery regardless of whether you are treated in a public or a private hospital.

If you opt to be a private patient you will receive an estimation of fees for the surgery. If you have private health insurance then it should cover the cost of your hospital accommodation (however please check with your health insurance). The fees for Dr Henry and his anaesthetist are separate (see below).

If you do not have private health insurance you can still be treated as a private (self funding) patient. You will incur Dr Henry's fee, the anaesthetist fee as well as a fee associated with your hospital accommodation (this is substantially more for a private hospital than a public hospital).

Surgical fees:

Once it has been determined that your child needs an operation we will provide you with a written quote for the surgery outlining the rebates from Medicare and health funds and your likely out of pocket ("gap") cost. This may change depending on what occurs during surgery and may need to be adjusted accordingly. Our quote does not include services provided by other doctors, anaesthetists, surgical assistants, radiologists or pathologists. Estimates do not include costs associated with your hospital accommodation.

Anaesthetic Fees:

Anaesthetic fees will be dependant on your choice of hospital. Contact details for your anaesthetist will be provided with your quote. Please contact them directly to obtain an estimate for their fees.

This can be quite confusing and the staff will be happy to offer you assistance in navigating the financial part of your child's surgery.

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